October 11, 2020
11 months left
until our reunion.
All pictures on this welcoming section are from the collections of Jim Palka. 
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Almost fifty years ago, each of us was completing the applications to attend Loyola University Rome Center for all or part of the 1970-71 school year.

Many classmates have kept in contact through their own home college/university connections and other avenues since we left via Camilluccia in May, 1971.  Starting with the first reunion in December, 1971 in Chicago there have been numerous local, regional, national and international reunions that have brought us together.

To celebrate our 50 Years of friendships, a group of us has planned two events:

Rome, Italy Event  October 11-15, 2020.  This event commemorates our departure in August, 1970 from our homes and schools to Rome.

Chicago, Ill Event April 15-18, 2021 This event commemorates our return in Spring-Summer, 1971, ending our year in Rome.

Both reunion events are open to all of our classmates, spouses, signicant others, faculty and others who were part of our Rome 70-71 experiences.  Some people may choose to attend the events in Rome. Others may choose to come to the Chicago events. Some  may choose to come to both events.

Mark your calendars for those events.

This site will guide you through the announcements about the events. Please take the time to complete a profile at the classmates section. You will be able to see others' profiles and communicate with each other. 

Dorothea Brennan, Pat Padon and his wife and Andy Sweeny and his wife are taking a reconnaissance trip to Rome in October. They will be joined there by resident alum, Larry Litman. This group will make decisions on events and plans. These will be posted to this site after their trip. You will be able to sign up and pay for events right on this site. They will also be ready to let us know about recommended hotels.  

We are developing a section for missing classmates. If you see a name on the list and know how to connect with them, please let us know. 

I have posted some photos in the photo section. Please feel free to upload photos you have and add to this collection. 

If you would like to add a memorial about classmates, please do. 

Kevin O'Connor 

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