We invite you to share or story or memory you have of classmates who are no longer with us. Scroll to the bottom of these names. Click on "Add a memorial."  Just insert the name of the individual. It is not necessary to insert the other information. 
Fr. Anthony  Adducci
Laurie Anderson
Jean Baines
Ray Barajas
Ken  Barnes
Steve Barsanti
Chris Birren
Sr. Elodie Boudewyn
Kathy Casey
Kathy Dolio-Thorsen
Susan Engleman
Nancy Essman-Bleier
Jim  Forest
Dan Gabriele
Mary Gallery-Luft
John  Gibbons 
Rick  Goethals
Fr. Donald Hayes
Joe  Jagiello
Patricia Legal
Maria LoGreco
Sr. Marjorie McGuire
Kathy McGuire-Kellinger
Ann O'Hara- Graff
Mike Pappas
Jance Reynolds
Paul Schwegel
Linda Spellman-Beerman
Mike Ward

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Jance Reynolds

May 25th, 1950 - December 18th, 2012